All Paintings Oil On Canvas
All rights reserved.
Marcel Duchamp  48"x48"
Jean Dubuffet  48"x48"
Mardi Gras Masque   48"x48"
Egon Schiele  SOLD
Red T-Shirt  24"x16"
Smile  48"x48"
Matt Hands  48"x36"
Jackie Robinson  48"x48"
Jackie Robinson
Mattingly  48"x36"
The Catch  24"x18"
Mickey  16"x24"  Pencil on Paper
Mantle  16"x24"  Pencil on Paper
Armageddon (after Norbert Bisky) - Not Available
Marat  SOLD
Doubting Thomas  30"x24"
Waterfront  72"x48"
Christian  30"x24"
Mets  SOLD
OJ  72"x36"
Josh Gibson hits the ball out of Yankee Stadium  24"x18"
Joseph Beuys  48"x48"
Liebespaar  48"x36"
Rudy   SOLD
Bernie Parent   SOLD
Joan Crawford   SOLD
Portrait After Otto Dix   SOLD
David   SOLD
David   SOLD
Mantle  18"x24"  
C. von Stauffenberg   SOLD
John Lennon - SOLD
Lee Konitz - SOLD
The Denial of St. Peter  - (after Caravaggio)
30” x 40”
Nephews - SOLD